My Workout Routine



**Update (4/24/14)**

What used to be lots and lots of cardio workouts, has now turned into lots of weights…and less rest days. A typical week for me now consists of CrossFit on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, and rest days on Thursday & Sunday. I couldn’t be happier with the changes I’ve made to my workout routine, but deep down I’ll always love kickboxing too!


If you’re wondering what a typical week of working out is like for me, here it is:

Monday – This usually ends up being a non-working out day for me, but on the off chance that I do work out…kickboxing is my choice!

Tuesday – I’m training for a half marathon right now, so Tuesdays consist of training in Central Park with my fellow half marathoners. This is usually focusing on some sort of technique for running effectively (hill training, swinging arms properly, etc.)

Wednesday – Kickboxing again!

Thursday – Circuit training – we do 2 rounds of 5-6 exercises (90 seconds each, 30 second rest) then 2 rounds of a different set of 5-6 exercises (90 seconds each, 30 second rest).

Friday – Usually a free day also, but if I decide to workout, I’ll just do a short run in the morning.

Saturday – Since I’m training for this half marathon, I’ll do my long runs early in the morning with everyone in Central Park then I’ll also do a kickboxing class. This is definitely the hardest workout day of the week! *Now that my half marathon is getting close (9/28), the long runs are becoming much longer (9+ miles), so that’s more than enough for my Saturday workout. Once the half marathon is completed, I’ll start back kickboxing on Saturdays!

Sunday – ALWAYS a free day, with lots of relaxation, though I’m hoping to incorporate Yoga or Pilates into my routine soon!

Sometimes I’ll switch it up and do a TRX/Kettlebell class instead of a kickboxing class, or add some extra running in if I feel like it, but this is pretty much my go-to routine for the week!




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