Who needs a laugh?

You’re probably wondering what I’m going to write about after reading the title of my post…we’ll get to that later.

I’m happy to report that I’m still going strong with Paleo, and each week I’m making up my own meal plans from the 21 Day Sugar Detox Book and the 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook. It seems like the recipes are never-ending, and they are all amazing! If you don’t have one of these books yet, I would highly recommend getting one! Here are some of the new things I’ve been cooking up:


IMG_0004 IMG_0007

Brownies from the cookbook. These have an interesting texture, but they’re a pretty good treat when you want one!


Apple Cinnamon “Granola” – tasty, but not my favorite! Naturally, stored in my refillable beer container.

IMG_0013 IMG_0014 IMG_0023

No-honey mustard chicken. I cannot believe this actually tasted like honey mustard. Instead of honey, the recipe uses apples…crazy, just crazy! Paired with a lovely little salad and homemade balsamic dressing, all of which made for a nice lunch the next day. My favorite part of these recipes is having leftovers for lunch – I easily have the best lunches in my office each day! 🙂

IMG_0026 IMG_0031

So, these were chorizo burgers with “buttermilk” buns. As you can see, the buns did not end up looking anything like a circular bun (as pictured in the cookbook), and they didn’t really taste much like a bun either. The burgers were delicious though, and you can never go wrong with sweet potato fries! Burgers have definitely made their way up on my list of favorite foods lately.


These were pancakes from Against All Grain. My new favorite Paleo pancake…they just keep getting better! Plus the recipe makes a million pancakes, so I can freeze them and pop them in the microwave for a quick breakfast. I paired these with some spinach and red pepper chicken sausage from Costco! GREAT way to start the day!

IMG_0042 IMG_0040 IMG_0041

Here we have a delicious stir-fry. I got to use my spiralizer (really not sure if that’s a word, but I like it, so I use it) again. I am obsessed with that thing! This was an awesome substitute for stir-fry with rice and a nice alternative to cauliflower!


Mmmmmmmm…stuffed acorn squash with ground chicken and topped with an egg. Courtesy of A Dash Of Meg’s Blog! This was freaking amazing, so filling, and made me 3 whole meals with 1 acorn squash and a pound of ground chicken. You should try it too!


I really can’t say enough about this recipe. This one is from the 21 DSD Cookbook – Banana Vanilla Bean N’Oatmeal. It really almost tastes like oatmeal, but dare I say…BETTER!? I think so! I made it the night before and had it one morning warm and one morning cold. I think I like the warm better, but if you’re in a hurry, cold is the way to go. Topped with bananas, a splash of almond milk and a little more cinnamon, this is easily a top breakfast in my book! It’s good for dessert too! Can’t beat it.


I had a craving for a cobb salad the other day, and this was the perfect thing! Chicken, carrots, tomatoes, bacon, artichoke hearts (I LOVE these now – eat them straight out of the jar most of the time), avocado, a little grass-fed cheese and just pure yummy goodness!


Lunches for two! I’m glad to be packing lunches for my hubby now too!


Ahhh, the infamous Meatza!! Damn good meal right here, and it made the BEST lunch today too! Hard to tell which side is mine, isn’t it? Veggies on veggies on veggies!


This morning I FINALLY tried this Chocolate Sweet Potato Ice Cream, also from A Dash of Meg! She isn’t kidding when she calls it ice cream! I had to add a little extra almond milk so I could drink it while I was getting ready this morning. Kind of hard to eat it with a spoon while I’m doing my makeup! Boy, oh boy, was it delicious. I used to LOVE Wendy’s frosties as a kid, and this is almost spot on. So good, so so good!


And to top it off, we have chicken, marinara and zoodles. One of my all-time favorite meals is spaghetti, and this is a mighty tasty replacement!

So that’s a nice little recap of some of the meals I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen! I’m becoming a really great recipe-follower, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a recipe inventor. Just give me the directions, and I’m good! I’m actually learning to enjoy cooking…the amazing food doesn’t hurt either!

When I last wrote, I talked about how the CrossFit gym I joined was supposed to open a month ago. Well, it still hasn’t opened, so instead of sitting on my booty every day and complaining about my body until it opens, I decided to take matters into my own hands. This week, I’m 2 for 2 waking up before work and going to the gym in our building! Yay me, haha! I’m sure you’re thinking, “She has a gym in her building? Why isn’t she there every day?” And you’re right, I should be there all the time, but I hate it. It’s so small and everyone is staring at you (ok, maybe they aren’t, but it feels like they are), and I don’t really know what I’m doing. I hate making my own workout routine. Plus the equipment is limited, yadda yadda yadda! But the important thing is, I’m doing it! Getting up early sucks, and I’m pretty sure it always will, but it’s so nice to get off work and come straight home knowing I’ve already knocked out my workout for the day! Bonus: I’m feeling more energized today and not completely exhausted. I’ll credit my early-morning workout for that one! But I’m still ANXIOUSLY awaiting the opening of the CrossFit gym!

Now onto the main event! I really don’t know how I sometimes get myself into the situations that I do. I sometimes sit there wondering, “Really? How does that even happen to someone? Get it together, Kristi!” Well yesterday, after my workout, I was going to hike up the stairs from the gym to our apartment (28 flights of stairs – hoping to get these legs in tip-top shape). I’ve done it before with Josh, and it really isn’t rocket science, so I opened the door and started my way up. Well, not even 2 flights up, the stairs ended and there was nowhere to go. So I did the only logical thing and went down. The door said “re-entry on floor 7.” I was on 9. Sooo down to 7 I go, open the door, only to find what seemed to be The Twilight Zone. I was on a floor with doctors offices (need I remind you I am still in my apartment building, but at this point, I don’t even know where I am). I walk back up to 8, open the door, and MORE offices. What the heck? I don’t even know what’s going on…I know my building is right there, but I have NO CLUE how to get out! Instead of walking up and down aimlessly, I called Josh and had to have him come open the door for me. True story, unfortunately. Good news is, I solved the mystery of what lies on floors 2-8 in our apartment building! Yea, that was definitely a Monday! Only me, I swear…

Ohhh but it doesn’t end there. I’ve been wanting to share with you how I’ve been trying to wash & condition my hair with a more natural method. I’m trying to grow my hair super long and want it to be really healthy, and I don’t think that normal shampoo is really good for it. I dyed it back brown, so that’s a step in the right direction too. If you know me well, you know that I don’t really wash my hair that often anyway. I’m not embarrassed to admit it. My hair doesn’t get oily for days, and when I wash it all the time it gets really frizzy and dry, and I hate it. I rarely ever blow dry my hair anymore, I just let it dry naturally and embrace my natural curls! Plus, when I’m working out, the thought of washing my hair every day makes me cringe! I started trying this recipe that I found on this blog. I used recipe 2 after reading that the paste was messy. I don’t like messy. I washed my hair with Dove shampoo on a Wednesday, then every couple/few days I washed with the baking soda concoction and “conditioned” with the vinegar concoction. I did this until the next Saturday, so 10 days. At this point my hair was feeling a little gross, so I washed with the Dove shampoo again. My hair has never felt softer, healthier, or looked shinier. Josh referred to me as a hippie, and isn’t thrilled about my new hair washing method, but if it makes my hair healthier, I’m all about it! That is, until this morning. I’ve had the mixtures in my shower for over a week now (the conditioner has a cinnamon stick in it to mask the vinegar smell), and I used them again this morning. No biggie, I’ve used them like 4 or 5 times at this point. Wellll, this is what I saw when I got out of the shower….

IMG_0084 IMG_0083

I was freaking out because I HAD to go to work today to help out with a meeting (“Oh, sorry, can’t come in today…I look like I was attacked by something”), but all I could really do is laugh. I mean, HOW does this even happen??? My skin was bright red! Allergic reaction? I don’t know, perhaps it was the cinnamon? Hahaha, I’m laughing as I’m writing this because I still can’t believe this happened. I was slathering makeup on my face in hopes of not looking like a lion just clawed my face! Josh was very sweet about it, but I know he was just dying laughing inside thinking “I told you so!” Thankfully, when I got to work, the stripes were gone. I’m still not sure why this happened, but don’t worry, I’ll keep trying my natural shampooing method. Maybe I just won’t let it sit for a week before I use it! I hope everyone could get a good laugh out of this because I sure did.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! We can only go up from here!







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