Confession Time!

Well hello there blogger world…long time no see! I won’t say, “sorry it’s been so long” again because that’s getting old. Truth be told, I haven’t had anything really noteworthy to write about in a couple of weeks! I also must say that I’m a bit ashamed of myself. I have been in a huge SLUMP lately that I just can’t get out of! Ever since we went home for Christmas, it’s been so hard for me to jump back into the routine of working out. Just SO hard, I tell ya. I ate terribly while we were home because that’s what was convenient, and felt terrible about it for days after. Poor Josh had to listen to me complain for dayssss about how bloated and fat I felt! Although there was really no use in complaining because it was my choice, right? Yep! Anywho – I snapped out of that real quick (well, after New Year’s) and got right back on the Paleo wagon! Otherwise, I was about to just completely wreck what I’ve been working so hard for! Wanna know the crazy thing? It was EASY to start eating healthy again, but I just can’t get back into the gym. It’s so weird because a few years ago I would easily go to the gym, but eating healthy was where I fell short. I’d always say, “Oh, I can eat whatever I want, as long as I burn it off at the gym.” I’m glad my thought process has changed from back then. I know that balancing a clean diet and exercising regularly is the way to go, but I just FEEL so much better when I eat the right foods and not all of that bad stuff. It’s so not worth it!

So, back to the working out. I haven’t been working out on a regular basis for a while now, and it’s really gotten bad in the last month. I feel like such a failure and something’s gotta change ASAP! I can spit out all of these excuses like: “We moved away from the kickboxing gym I was going to” or “The CrossFit gym I just signed up with hasn’t opened yet” or “I get off work so late and don’t have time” and “I just can’t get into a routine.” I COULD say all of those, but they are exactly what I called them: EXCUSES! And we all know that no one has time for excuses. Just suck it up and tell yourself the truth: you can’t get back into a routine because you haven’t made the time or put in the effort to make it work! And that right there is the truth, plain and simple. I have all of these big plans to start doing CrossFit regularly, and that’s where my mind is stuck. The gym was supposed to open on January 15th, but it keeps getting pushed back. I’m excited for it to open so that I can start going in the morning. My nights are so unpredictable with work, so it only makes sense. Once that gym opens, I WILL make it work and get back into it 100%, but until then…I gotta figure something out and find my motivation. I don’t know where it went, but I refuse to go back to where I started, it’s just not an option!

I recently came across this girl’s instagram and it just inspired me all over again. I LOVE reading other people’s fitness stories and seeing before and after pictures. Hers is a little different “before and after,” but her dedication is something to learn from. It’s insane what people can accomplish if they just give it their all. I hope to be that person soon, the one that gives 100% and never gives up on my goals. This is the year, I just know it. Last year taught me so many things about myself, about what I can accomplish if I just try, and I can’t wait to accomplish even more this year!

On a more positive note, I started The 21 Day Sugar Detox on January 6th! I have absolutely loved it so far and have followed the Level 3 meal plan almost to a T! I’m no saint, I did have wings from our favorite wing place one night and some alcohol here and there, but other than that…haha, ok, I guess that isn’t following it to a T but you get the point. I was hesitant about the meal plan at first because it seemed so expensive. You have to buy tons of meat, which really adds up, but I must say that I’ve really enjoyed following the meal plan. I’m eating different things for breakfast each day, I always have leftovers for lunch, and dinner is usually relatively easy. The meals are absolutely delicious too! I have so many leftover meals in my freezer as well because I just couldn’t let them go to waste. Each recipes makes a ton of food! I really have no complaints except maybe the price. But once you really think about it, I think it’s pretty even with what we used to spend eating out (maybe even less), so yeaaa no complaints! I have cooked almost every single night, and it’s been great. I love knowing that what I’m eating is real food. There also isn’t a lot of prep on the weekends. Now that my dinners turn into lunches, all I really spend time making on the weekends is muffins, granola and/or nut mixes from the book. I would highly recommend it if you aren’t sure where to start!

It is a little frustrating that I haven’t seen much change in my body yet. I was seeing changes (even if minimal) ever since the day I started doing Paleo. I’m convinced that those 9 days of eating badly wrecked my body – especially my stomach (ugh)! But really, I’m sure it has to do with my lack of exercise. I need to heed my own advice that I give everyone else: just keep doing what I’m doing and I WILL see changes, especially if I can get into a set workout routine soon. I’m excited to start CrossFit full force and see what I can do with this body of mine…time to make some more changes! Bring it on, 2014!

In other news, here are some meals I’ve been whipping up in the kitchen from the 21 DSD book (I’m ordering the cookbook soon!!):


Meatloaf and Cauliflower Mash. So. Freaking. Good. I didn’t even know I liked meatloaf until this! Definitely a favorite.


Broiled Salmon Topped with Capers and Tomatoes.


Chicken Apple Sausage. Two thumbs up!!


Salmon salad mixed with capers and homemade mayo, served on egg-y “tortilla” wraps and topped with avocado. Must make this again soon!


I have loved branching out on my breakfasts. I usually eat the same thing every day, so it has been a nice change!


Bacon Root Veggie Hash topped with fried eggs! Oh so yummy!


“Not Sweet Treat” of Paleo apple donuts. Definitely not the real thing, but a nice enough substitute!


Tomato Basil Quiche. This one wasn’t my favorite. It would probably be much better eaten fresh, but no time for all that in the morning! 🙂

IMG_1291 IMG_1290

Shrimp Pad Thai. Pretty Darn Tasty! I was in awe of this veggie spiral thingy when I saw it in action! So glad I got one for Christmas!!


I like to call this clean-out-your-fridge leftovers. Bacon root hash mixed with chicken apple sausage, spinach and some eggs. One of my best breakfasts yet!


Roasted Cauliflower Soup. MmmMmm


Apple and Fennel Salad. I am now sure that I do not like fennel, but the apples were good!


Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry of sorts. Can’t remember the actual recipe name, but it was really good!


Cilantro Cauli-Rice


This one was kind of thrown together last minute, but it was delicious. I love anything similar to Mexican food, and this hit the spot!


Maddie and Dad are NOT Paleo. Not sure what she did to deserve her own stack of pancakes, but she got it alright! She’s so spoiled.


SOOO good! This time I made Beef Apple Sausage. Even better than the chicken!


Meatballs and two types of salad. Delish!


The beginnings of Smoky Chicken Tortilla-less soup. Amazing.

IMG_1370IMG_1372 IMG_1371 IMG_1374

Carrot Pumpkin Spice Muffins for breakfast this week. Not very sweet, but still pretty good! Especially with some KerryGold butter on top!


Cinnilla Nut Mix for work. Super tasty and so easy!


Jicama “fries.” Very very interesting – not my fave.


Buffalo Shrimp Tacos. Out of this world good. You should make some right now. Seriously.

IMG_1394 IMG_1397

Lamb and Chorizo Chili topped with guacamole. Perfect for a snowy night in.


And lastly, a nice little picture of what I got to (slowly) walk to work in today. Make the cold weather go away, I can’t take it much longer. My southern body cannot adapt!

Thanks for listening! I hope everyone has a great night!!



2 thoughts on “Confession Time!

  1. Nice job getting back on track with the 21DSD – all your meals look amazing! I too have been cooking up a storm from the book. I too got WAY off track over the holidays and have been using the detox as a little reset. Have you made your own bone broth yet? That can REALLY help with healing some of the damage done to the gut over the holidays – might help get your body fully back on track

    • Hey there! Thank you, it was a much needed reset that I think I’m going to continue for another 21 days! That’s one thing I haven’t done yet, mainly because I never have any spare bones to use…and the idea of drinking bone broth is foreign to me, but I have seen so many beneficial posts about it! Perhaps I will do that this weekend. Thanks for the tip! 🙂

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