Grocery Stores Galore!

As I’m getting ready to write this post, I’m realizing how much things have changed for me in the past few months. Instead of sleeping off a hangover on the weekends, I’m waking up early to beat the crowds to the grocery store! I mean…I’m not completely lame, and I still like to indulge a bit on the weekends, but this is becoming the norm. I spend the majority of my Sundays going to the store, meal planning then meal prepping. I do this because this is how Paleo works for me. Life is so busy these days, so if I plan everything out beforehand, there’s less room for error and slip-ups! It works for me, and I’m willing to bet it would work for you too! I’m also realizing (well, I realized this a while back) that the only reason this is working for me is because Iย wantedย it. Not some trainer or anyone else – I made the decision to make this change in my life, and that is the sole reason I have stuck to it for so long. Do it for yourself…not anyone else!

Wow, wasn’t planning on saying all of that, but there you have it!

Like I said, it’s become the norm to go grocery shopping on Sundays. Welllll, yesterday I went to Trader Joe’s, Costco AND Whole Foods! Oops! I almost got to Trader Joe’s in time to beat the crowd, but I wanted to sleep in a little, so it was worth it. It wasn’t nearly as bad as last weekend, and my trip was much more enjoyable.


I am absolutely in love with Trader Joe’s! They have some awesomely healthy things, and they’re prices are great! I am so sad that I have lived 25 whole years without going to this store! Look at what I scooped up in my cart!


Ahhhhhh Lara Bars…these are the best things to have in a pinch (just fruit and nuts), and I’m so glad I finally found them. Cashew Cookie…yummmmm! Naturally, I bought an entire box of them.


My other favorite purchase. Plantain chips. Ohmygosh…these are so, so delicious! And great for dipping in guacamole! I’m obsessed with them and happy to see they only have 3 ingredients: plantains, sunflower oil and salt! They’re also only like $1.50 for a bag of these, SCORE! Why would I ever make my own? ๐Ÿ™‚


I didn’t get any pics of my Costco purchases because I basically buy the same things every time, but I didn’t quite find everything I needed in those two trips, so I decided to make a stroll to Whole Foods. Literally less than 2 blocks from our apartment! I went in there one other night right when we moved in, and the place was a freakin’ madhouse! I was scared to go back, but it was surprisingly calm on a Sunday night, and I finally got a chance to enjoy my experience. And let me just say, Whole Foods now has my heart, but that place can reallllyyyy add up if you aren’t careful!


As I was perusing the aisles, THIS caught my eye! Ummmm…you had me at paleo!! Of course I had to buy this!


I’ve been looking for coconut butter everywhere and finally found it! I couldn’t pass up the barney butter that was sitting next to it either.


And then I struck gold! They have like 3 different kinds of almond milk WITHOUT the nasty additives! Now I know I said it’s super easy to make almond milk, and it is, but this is just awesome. I love knowing that I can walk down the street and grab this if I need to, instead of the brand that sits a shelf below and contains the dreaded carrageenan! I’m not sure if you can see what that is in the brown bottle, so let me enlighten you. ICED COFFEE WITH ALMOND MILK! I am in heaven! I didn’t buy it since I’m doing this no sugar challenge again, but you can bet I’ll be buying it once it’s over! These are items I have searched high and low for, and now I’ve found them!ย Oh, Whole Foods, you. are. amazing.

IMG_0464 IMG_0466

Once the shopping ended, this is what my refrigerator looked like. Now THAT’S how a refrigerator is supposed to look!! So colorful, so healthy. Nom. Nom. Nommy!


Random picture, but I wanted to share this kale and apple salad that I had at work the other day. It’s from a little sandwich shop called Num Pang, and it is delicious! I usually hate raw kale, but this was no ordinary kale! I’m planning to recreate it this week…I hope it turns out equally as tasty!


For dinner tonight, I made The du Plooy duo’sย Chicken Fried “Rice”. It was actually really good once I mixed everything together and added a little coconut aminos on top! Two thumbs up for this recipe!

I also made it back to CrossFit tonight! My arms are literally just now back to normal after last Monday, and wouldn’t you know, we worked the SAME dang muscles tonight! We did 5 rounds of:

5 power cleans

10 front squats

5 push jerks

20 pull ups (AGAIN!?)

My arms are already sore in the exact same place as last week, so I’m definitely making a point to stretch them tonight. Last week was almost unbearable since my arms were permanently bent for 4 days straight! But I’m loving getting back into CrossFit…I think it’s just what I need to whip this body into shape and get some muscle definition!


I’m going to end this post with something I haven’t done since I started this page – pictures. This is the best way for me to measure my progress, so I like to take pictures and compare them to each other. I took the last one because I started another 21-day challenge, and I want to see if there are any noticeable changes at the end of it. Sorry for the selfie, but I think Josh gets tired of taking my “before and afters,” so I just take them myself!


I’m pretty proud of the change from picture 2 to 3 (August and now) and just love seeing new changes in my body, but I’m still working towards my goal! I really just have to point out here…is the biggest change in my ta-tas or what? I mean, seriously, those things have come a long way since February!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday night!



10 thoughts on “Grocery Stores Galore!

  1. Wow, great post! It’s so motivating! I am new to Paleo (i did it for two weeks back in June and felt so amazing). I fell off the bandwagon when life got busy. Eating real, unprocessed foods and cutting out the wheats, rice, etc. is really the best lifestyle. I felt more alive than ever, I wasn’t ever hungry, I didn’t crave the crap that I used to eat. I can’t wait to get to the stage where you are. So inspiring! Now to inspire my husband! (He is meat and potatoes all the way.) I picked up a Cashew Cookie Larabar yesterday, how funny! Keep it up!

    • Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ™‚ It really is, and it’s the only thing that has clicked with me so far because it’s so easy once you get the hang of it! If anyone ever asks, I tell them to try it 100% for 30 days. After that, it just comes naturally, and you WILL notice changes and want to continue! My husband actually did it with me for a while (and still does to an extent), but of course, he says he got too skinny so he doesn’t always follow it anymore, haha! Thank you, thank you – if you’re looking to make a big change, this is the way to do it!

  2. Your blog is so awesome and you are such a good motivation. So glad you discovered Trader Joes…it has been a God send since I moved to Nashville b/c sometime Whole Foods is so dang pricey!!! I feel like I’ve been doing pretty good but the part I struggle with is, Is being married. My husband isn’t really on board therefore, makes it kinda tough sometimes. lol Which of course he is 6’4, skinny as a rail without trying so he doesn’t worry about it. Any tips on getting him there?!?!?

    • Thanks, Brittany! I know, I am obsessed with Trader Joes and Whole Foods! I can’t believe I ever lived without them! Glad it’s going pretty well so far ๐Ÿ™‚ so, it really wasn’t that hard to get my husband on board because he was trying to get into really good shape so he started doing it with me. He actually quit doing it so strictly bc he lost too much weight and thought he was too skinny! Gotta love men and their metabolisms, huh? Haha. But I still cook Paleo dinners, and he eats them. Kind of one of those things where I’m not going to cook 2 separate meals, ya know? My sister said that she’ll cook the meats and veggies for herself, though, and add a side of rice (or whatever your husband likes) so that he still gets filled up. Obviously, if he’s 6’4″, he will need more food than you! I think that was why mine lost so much weight bc he wasn’t eating enough! Hope this helps a little!

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