Feeling the Burn!

So, I mentioned last night that I went to CrossFit for the first time in over a YEAR, and boy am I feeling it today! I forgot to post what we did yesterday, but this is how it went:

Warm Up: 

For 4 minutes,

30 double unders (let’s be honest here, I’ve never been able to do a double under in my life, so singles for me!)

2 wall walks


Then (I don’t know the correct term for this part):

For 17 minutes,

1 push press

2 push jerks

We gradually added weight after each round



For time,

7 rounds of 7 of the following:

Push press

Pull-ups (yikes!)

Ring dips (double yikes!)


Let me just say, after warming up with the push press and push jerks, I was a little nervous. I was able to do 75 lbs, but dang it was heavy!

So, for the actual workout, I decided to just use the bar (I think I used the girl bar, so 35 lbs) since I was going to be doing 49 of them. Told you I was weak… this girl is in serious need of some weightlifting! For pull-ups, I used a red and a green band for help. Then for the ring dips, I used a green band.

My arms are so weak, it’s ridiculous! They always have been, so pull-ups and ring dips are NOT my strong suit! I had this goal last time I did CrossFit, but I’m making it my goal again to be able to do a pull-up without band assistance! It goes without saying that this workout was HARD – I was pushed to complete failure by the end of it all, and it was “only” a 16 minute workout for me!

I knew I would be super sore today, but holy cow, just doing my job is a task today. It hurts to answer the phone, grab a pen, use a scanner, pick up my water bottle. I am ridiculously sore, and I absolutely love it because I know my body has no choice but to change if I’m doing this on a regular basis!!

I’m planning to go swimming tonight, but I think that is going to be quite challenging! I’m always more sore on the second day, so I’m thinking swimming will help stretch my muscles out. This may end up as a failed attempt!




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