Love This City

This is a bit of a random post, but I just love that no matter where I go in this city, I can ALWAYS find something that is picture-worthy!!

IMG_3328 IMG_3332

Just some beautiful scenery on my run around Central Park over the weekend. I LOVE Central Park!


Some of the buildings here are so detailed. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a picture!


My FAVORITE find. Saw this little gem on my way to work this week. I will definitely be making a stop by there tomorrow. Birchbox Local, this is just downright awesome. Coincidentally, it is right on my way to/from work…lucky me (not so lucky wallet)! I didn’t even know these existed, just another perk of living in NYC!

Now, onto some foods for the week!

IMG_3353 IMG_3355

So, I made these Almond Pancakes over the weekend for a late night snack and threw in some chocolate chips (I actually found some that are soy and dairy free – yesssss!) We drizzled some all natural maple syrup over them…ohmygosh, best. pancakes. ever!!!! Try them, immediately! Who says Paleo has to be boring? You will definitely feel like you’re cheating once you try these…BUT you aren’t!


I also managed to do some meal prep this week and made these little smoothie packs for an easy and healthy breakfast in the morning! I forgot how much I love smoothies – just add some almond milk, cashew/almond butter, spinach/kale and you’re good to go until lunch! If you love smoothies, but aren’t sure what to add, look no further! Just refer to this amazing Smoothie Building Chart!


My delicious dinner tonight, brought to you by Eat Tribal! Coconut crusted chicken nuggets and sweet potato fries – just what I needed after my workout tonight! We get a few of these delivered each week. They really come in handy on nights that we get home late and don’t feel like cooking! Who am I kidding? I hardly ever cook…I should really start doing that more! But it’s sooooo easy to eat these pre-made Paleo meals, just zap ’em in the microwave and presto, dinner is served! They really make my life easier, plus they are so yummy! So, yea. Thanks, Eat Tribal, for making my life just a little bit easier!

And the MAIN reason I really wanted to do a post tonight is because of this…



I got both of these texts on Wednesday morning and they made me smile so big. They seriously made my day/week/month! I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting texts like this!! I couldn’t be happier that I now have some fellow Paleo-ers that are already feeling better about the changes they have made. So make the change, you owe it to yourself and your body! Start researching Paleo today and hop on board, you won’t regret it! I would love to get a text from YOU soon! Need some motivation? I’d love to help!

If you’re a beginner and not sure where to start, try THIS!

Do you have any favorite recipes or meal prep ideas?

Do you have a success story to share?

Please comment below, I’d love your feedback!




2 thoughts on “Love This City

  1. Just made this pancakes for brunch and they were good! I used chocolate almond milk b/c that’s all we had but it (unfortunately) didn’t give them a chocolate flavor!

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