Team in Training & Hamptons Half Marathon

I’ve posted a few snippets here and there on Facebook, but wanted to tell you all about my Half Marathon Training with Team in Training (TNT)!

I’ve only run three 5K’s and a 10K in my life, starting in January of last year. I actually ran my 10K before my first 5K, without any training, which was a BIG mistake! I thought I could just wing it, boy was I wrong. I seriously had issues walking for an entire month…oops!! After doing these, I set goals to run a half marathon and a marathon at some point in my life, in fact, I think they are still on my iPhone as New Year’s Resolutions (for 2012!).

You can imagine my interest, when back in April, my boss asked me to sit in for him at an informational meeting about something called Team in Training. I went in to get information for him and came out wanting to sign up for myself! The speaker at this meeting had such an inspirational story about beating cancer – you couldn’t help but want to join and start fundraising to help find a cure! A few weeks later, I signed up for the Hamptons Half Marathon, and started training shortly thereafter.

So, what is Team in Training? With TNT, you register for the race of your choice (Hamptons Half, Nike Women’s in SF, NYC Marathon, Chicago Marathon, etc.) and raise a certain amount of money, then receive training from the TNT coaches for 4-5 months prior to your race! It’s a pretty awesome deal with all of the training that comes along with it – we meet every Tuesday and Saturday for training and long runs together. I can’t express how much easier it is to run/walk 9 miles with other people rather than on your own! I’ve been doing these practices for a few months now, even waking up at 6 am on SATURDAYS to do my long runs. I can’t wait to sleep in again, I am so not a morning person (I think I get it from my momma)!

I feel so much better after doing these runs and am always so glad I took the effort to just wake up and go, even if I do take multiple naps afterwards! Each week someone tells a story about how they’re connected to the cause, and these stories are always so, so moving. Most of them bring you to tears and make you that much more proud to be contributing to this cause!

Since joining Team in Training, I have pushed myself to limits I never thought possible, like doing 9.5 miles! I am so thankful that I joined and have met some really awesome people along the way. I can’t wait to tackle two firsts on September 28th – go to the Hamptons and complete my first half marathon!! This will be a huge accomplishment for me, and I can’t wait to cross the finish line!

I encourage anyone who has the opportunity, to join something like TNT – you won’t regret it! The coaches are amazing and love to help! I believe they may even have online coaching for those that don’t live in an area that meets for training.

Help us find a cure!


Gorgeous view on one of our runs from East 54th down to the Brooklyn Bridge and back! Always love seeing this bridge, can’t take a bad picture!

Happy Hump Day – we’re almost to the weekend!




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