Weekend of Golf!

After a fun-filled weekend of golf, I’ve officially spent all day relaxing! I thought I should recap my eventful weekend!

My weekend began with a nice run around the city on Friday afternoon. As I’ve mentioned, I’m training for a half marathon, so getting my miles in each week is a must (even if it does mean missing out on happy hour)! I’m planning to do a whole post on this soon and tell you all about how my training is going! Really quickly though, my half marathon is on September 28th, so it’s crunch time! I’m doing run/walk training, which explains my SLOW pace, and I do my long runs on the weekend. My long runs now are between 6-10 miles…lots of running!


The main attraction on Friday was Friday Night Swings at the Chelsea Piers driving range. We got drinks and all you can hit golf balls from 6:30-8:00…pretty awesome deal! We had tons of fun with our friends, Bobby and Katie! I may or may not have whiffed a few balls – golf never was my best sport!


Beautiful sunset view from Chelsea Piers


IMG_3158 IMG_3162


The real fun started on Saturday. We got tickets to the Barclays PGA Tour in Jersey City. It was my first golf tournament, and we had an absolute BLAST! My husband is the biggest golf fan out there, so we’re always watching the tournaments – it was pretty awesome to see all of those people in person after watching them every weekend, and so much more fun than watching it on TV!


View from the 18th tee – Manhattan skyline – doesn’t get much better than this!


Josh with his favorite golfer, Phil Mickelson! Who doesn’t love Phil? Such a nice guy – he just smiled at everyone as he walked by! Naturally, we started out following him from hole to hole, as I literally ran to keep up with Josh!


Then we were on a mission to find my favorite, Adam Scott! Luckily, I got this picture before I was told to put my camera away…oops! I even got to fist bump him as he walked by…yea, I was pretty excited! So glad he pulled out a win today at the tournament!


And, of course, Tiger Woods…


Ricky Fowler because he gets the best dressed award…can’t go wrong with hot pink pants! He even had a hot pink golf bag – hey, whatever works!


I’ll admit, this was one day that I was glad my husband is obsessed with golf. One of the most fun weekends we’ve had in a while!


The wonderful other halves, who didn’t complain once and were complete troopers all day long! Luckily we were smart enough to wear tennis shoes.


We had such a fun day/weekend with these two!

I feel a LITTLE better about my food and beverage consumption yesterday since we walked about 7 miles total around the course – nothing like some fun in the sun and exercise at the same time! We couldn’t have asked for better weather either!

As I mentioned earlier, today was spent relaxing after an exhausting (but super fun!) weekend. I did manage to make a nice batch of my favorite muffins today though:


Carrot Banana Muffins

These are great in the mornings for a quick breakfast when I don’t have time to cook anything. They also make for a nice snack, and sometimes even work for dessert! They are SO yummy, and they’re Paleo friendly!

To end this post, I just have to say that we tried to watch the VMA’s tonight. I had no idea who half of the kids on the show were, which is probably a good sign that I’m getting old, but somehow we were so lucky to see Miley’s performance in the 10 minutes that we watched…what is this world coming to and why are they showing that on TV??? Again, I know I’m getting old, but seriously?

I will admit that I can’t help but love her new song – guilty!

Time for bed and another work week!




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